Golden Spiralverse Out Now

I am really stoked to announce that my debut Single Golden Spiralverse is out now! You can stream it here or on Spotify or Apply Music or wherever you get your music! If you like it, I would be forever grateful for a simple share as it is hard to break through the noise of all the great music out there.

If you are one of those amazing people that still actually buys music you could even buy it here or here!!

Golden Spirlaverse puts the trippy back into trip-hop. I really wanted to create a dense mix that could offer something new with repeat listens. I knew I wanted the visuals to be a representaiton of a theoretical “Golden Spiral Parallel Dimension” and so I wanted the music to really feel like a dense world. The track also relies heavily on some found sounds and a little Drum and Bass in the spine. Hope you enjoy!

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